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How Much Does it Cost to File for Bankruptcy in Missouri?

Bankruptcy sounds bad, but the reality is that it can be your lifeline. In fact, you will not need to recover from bankruptcy. Rather, you will recover through bankruptcy. So, how much does it cost to file bankruptcy in Springfield, Missouri? Everyone we visit with is concerned about the financial cost of filing bankruptcy, which includes attorney fees and other expenses such as the court filing fee. Most importantly, hiring attorneys who only file bankruptcy offers you both the highest quality of service, and the most efficient, which translates to the best “bang for your buck” for you, and is crucial to the success of your case. Remember, you get what you pay for, and at Debt Doctors of Missouri bankruptcy is ALL WE DO.
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The Cost of Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

It is important to understand that the cost of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Springfield, Missouri depends on the facts of your individual case. The fee structure for our Chapter 7 cases is very client-friendly, allowing a majority of our Chapter 7 clients to file their case for $937 (single) to $974 (married). By providing you with a low up-front filing cost, we can more quickly help you stop harassing phone calls, lawsuits, garnishments, and other intimidating actions by creditors. It’s easy to get started – simply pay an initial retainer of $300. We will then provide you a list of the paperwork we will need from you to file, and a phone number you can use to refer your creditors to our office. In addition, we will give you a letter template you can send to your creditors that will require them to stop calling you, your employer, and your relatives. Once you’ve paid the remainder of the $937/$974 fee and have submitted the necessary paperwork to our office, we will prepare and file your case. After your bankruptcy case is filed, creditors are legally mandated to stop all actions against you. This will free up your resources and remove a tremendous amount of stress from your life. The post-petition attorney fee can be paid in flexible monthly payments that cater to your budget. Simply put, we want to help get our clients the relief they need as quickly as they possibly can.

The Cost of Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

The cost to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Springfield, Missouri is pretty consistent from one attorney to the next in Missouri. What separates attorneys from each other in Chapter 13 is their up-front cost. We are proud to offer qualifying clients $0 dollars down on attorney fees, which then allows you to file your case for less than $500! This is the lowest Chapter 13 bankruptcy up-front filing cost of any bankruptcy attorney located in Springfield, Missouri. A Chapter 13 reorganization also allows us to include the majority of your attorney fees into your plan payments, so that you can get the relief you need quickly and affordably. Although the up-front cost of each bankruptcy is based on the facts in your individual situation, most of the Chapter 13 cases that do not qualify for our $0 down rate are still filed for an attorney fee of $600, plus expenses, which allows your case to be filed for under $1,000. Even this option is only offered by a few attorneys in town!

The Cost of Filing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

The cost for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy varies by each case’s complexity. The filing fee with the Court is currently $1,717.00. This does not include the attorney fees. Very few bankruptcy attorneys handle Chapter 11 in the Springfield area due to the complexities of this type of bankruptcy. We do, however! We offer a paid consultation for $200.00 to explore this type of bankruptcy and will advise you if bankruptcy reorganization is best for the continued viability of your business.

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Filing for bankruptcy can provide long-term relief from unmanageable debt. It may be the best option if you're unable to manage your debt any other way. Bankruptcy frees you from most of your debts and gives you a fresh start in life without the burden of creditors constantly threatening you. If you're ready to get your finances back under control contact Debt Doctors of Missouri to set up an appointment today.

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